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What is the Best Dog for You?
« on: August 27, 2013, 09:52:15 AM »
There are so many breeds of dogs to choose from, it can be hard to know which the best dog will be for you. Perhaps the idea of snuggling up with a cuddly poodle is wonderful for your kids, or you may need a dog to help protect your property.
Not sure what breed of dog you should get?
For Outdoor Nuts
Want a dog to trot alongside you as you run a marathon? Want to take your furry friend on your weekend skiing trip? Would you like a dog that will keep up with you as you hike into the mountains? A good breed of dog for outdoor and fitness nuts is German Shepherds, and you may want to consider a Rottweiler, English or Irish Setter, Border Collie, or even a Dalmation. These dogs love to play in the great outdoors, and they’ll be great companions as you experience the great outdoors!
For Busy Professionals
Need a dog that can be left home alone for hours at a time? Alaskan malamutes are responsible dogs that can handle being alone for hours, as are Borzoi dogs and Chinese sharpeis. These dogs aren’t as dependent on others, and they will even help other dogs get used to being left home alone.
For Apartment Owners
If you don’t have a lot of space for a pet, you will want to get yourself an English toy spaniel, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, or a Beddington terrier. These dogs are comfortable lounging around on their luxury dog bed all day long, and they need very little exercise to be happy. If you can spend a bit of time walking your dog, a Chihuahua, Affenpinscher, or a Havanese will be a good apartment dog. They need to run and play for a bit, but they’re pretty calm most of the time.
For Insomniacs
Have a hard time sleeping at night? If you are very sensitive to noise, you should consider getting a Basenji. These dogs make very little noise, and they tend to crow quietly more than bark. You will need to take the dog out for a walk, as they are very high energy pets. You may want to consider a greyhound or English sheepdog, as they are also pretty quiet dogs. However, bulldogs and boxers often snore more than you do, so they’re not the best option for those with sleep problems.
For Allergics
If you have problems with allergies, you may want to consider a poodle, Portuguese water dog, bichon frise, or schnauzer. They aren’t “hypoallergenic dogs“, but they tend to shed a lot less hair than most dogs.
For Limited Mobility
Can’t get around much? You may be suffering from some injury, or you have arthritis that prevents you from getting out and about. A Saint Bernard will be a great dog to own, as they need very little exercise. Bullmastiffs are another good choice, as are Pekingese, bassethounds, and shih tzus. Stay away from any Terriers and dogs of medium-size, as they tend to be quite demanding in terms of activity and exercise.   :grouphugg: