Author Topic: Weird cattle/bull questions  (Read 3535 times)


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Weird cattle/bull questions
« on: November 17, 2008, 09:13:05 PM »
I'll reveal my dark secret.....................................................   :sw:

I have gotten into watching Championship Bull Riding on RFD channel.  And a few days ago I just left the channel on after the bull riding was over, and they were doing a cattle auction - I got the idea that they were auctioning off cows that had been bred in hopes of producing really good-riding, bucking bulls.  So, my weird questions::

1.   the trait to be active & do a lot of jumping/twirling/bucking - can it be genetic???

 2.   As they were showing each cow that was to be auctioned, they were all bred, and they said, for almost each one, that she was exposed to, ............................and then he would rattle off the names of three bucks, allegedly good rodeo bulls, and they would sometimes show video of one or more of the bucking bulls in action.  So..............I'm assuming that these cows were not AI, they were live cover, but why expose her to three bulls??  That way, when she settles, you couldn't be 100% sure of the sire, could you???  Or does it not matter, if each of the three bulls are pretty equal in conformation, temperment, bloodlines, etc???
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Re: Weird cattle/bull questions
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2008, 12:34:17 AM »
Yes, meanness and athletic ability are genetic traits, and cattle people often rotate bulls as insurance to make sure their cows are settled. It wouldn't work well in a registered herd, but my guess is that lot you were watching were not registered animals, and if they were, then DNA testing could be done to establish the sire.
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Re: Weird cattle/bull questions
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2008, 09:37:31 AM »
I think the auction your talking about is like some I have watched. Yes they say the cow has been bred to this bull and also exposed to theses others. When the calf is born they know the dates and can DNA test also if needed. Yes the cows bred were from some of these bucking bulls and are bred to to other bucking bulls and its a growing business as the traits are passed down just like Nic said.
If the cow has a heifer she is kept as she is out of these lines and can pass the traits also. Lots of money pass hands this way....especially if the calf is a bull claf and out of 1 of the better bulls.
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